I visited sites shows


I have a problem, install piwik on my linux server, and perform the installation procedure when adding a site and access the site, it shows me in the piwik the result of visits to the site, someone could direct me where I can be missing, I have a server I use for hosting and I need to get reports of my sites hosted on the server.

many Grachan


I have on my server with apache virtualhost, and the access log is in / etc / httpd / logs

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The base Piwik distribution does not include an Apache log importer.

Take a look at Kay’s plugin: http://forge.typo3.org/projects/extension-piwikintegration/repository/show/trunk/piwik_patches/plugins/KSVisitorImport

There’s another plugin floating around somewhere, but I don’t have it bookmarked.


thank you very much for the support I will try and inform you of the results.