I see visits only from my machine

I set up a testing website and installed Matomo and all I can see is the visits I made from my desktop but when I test it from another device I can’t see those visits.


There are many possible causes. It is probably the easiest to check the browser console on the devices where tracking doesn’t work.

  • Is the Matomo site reachable from all devices, or is it maybe just a local IP?
  • Do the other devices maybe use adblocker or have DoNotTrack enabled?

I don’t think you understand the issue sorry for bad explanation.
I can see the the visitors from Matomo from other devices but when I enter the website I track from other devices it won’t count it as visitors and I can only see the visits I made from my desktop. So if I enter the site I tracking from my phone then it wont show this visit in the counter on Matomo.


That’s how I interpreted your issue.

You’ll need to find out why the data from the other devices doesn’t appear in Matomo.

Either they aren’t sent correctly (check Network Tab, JS console and DoNotTrack) or they aren’t received correctly (check the php error_log)

tHi, hanks for replying.
There is some step by step tutorial to check those thing? I am a little new to those stuff and have no idea how to check it. I had at first the problem of “There is no data for this report" and I used this and the problem was that “do not track” was on in my chrome browser but since than I tried to enter from my iphone or other browsers like Firefox and “do not track” was off but there is no logs. So, maybe I should check php error_log, how do I do that?


Giving an exact tutorial is hard, because e.g. the location of the php error_log depends completly on the kind of server environment you are using.

But I still think that it is more probable that the issue is in the browser/tracking code.

Can you check if the error also happens on another desktop browser (Firefox/IE11/Chrome) and if yes press F12 and check for red error lines there.