I need help to create the good link

Hi, folks,

I offer the members of my forum a link to show a stat Piwik module in a modal box. The link is:


Clicking on the first " Unique visits" link, under the big graph, brings the same page, but the big graph show now both total visits and unique ones, all in one.

This link is: ?module=VisitsSummary&action=getEvolutionGraph&moduleToWidgetize=VisitsSummary&actionToWidgetize=index&idSite=1&period=day&date=2012-03-31,2012-04-29&disableLink=1&viewDataTable=sparkline&columns=nb_visits,nb_uniq_visitors

That would be the beehavior i wanted by default. But i do not find the way to build the good link opening directly that page (visits +unique visits) as the first opening.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance.

Please create a ticket at: dev.piwik.org and we will look into this!

Did-you mean it is a bug ?
( I tried to add both “&columns=nb_visits,nb_uniq_visitors” and “&viewDataTable=sparkline&columns=nb_visits,nb_uniq_visitors” to the fist link, and, yes it was buggy.)

Well, i can live without, it would be a big deal for me to register to the dev site, find the right place to write my comments, the right form just for that.
I only wanted a little help on something i supposed trivial.