I need help for changing piwik-sitename results

Hello together,
I want integrate piwik in my website, and for me it is more user friendly when I get in the klick results by the Piwik-report in the table “title” (Piwik > Actions > Sites > Site Names) the title of the html-document and an link to the page, from where the logfiles are.
The problem with the html-titles I solved with the code
"piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle(document.title);" in each html-file, but I don’t know, how I can get an link!
I think, the files (actions.php, API.php, Controller.php) in the folder /plugins/actions/ must be change to get an link to the particular html-site.

I hope, soon I can get help here. It’s very important for me (and perhaps for others) to solve this problem.
This change can be also very interesting for other Piwik-User, because it is an improvement in the usability!

Many thanks for the help!

from Germany

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At the moment, you can’t. The URL you see in the hover links is generated using JavaScript. Flattening URLs is in ticket #707 and depends on the completion of #708.