I need FQDN to get data from external IPs?

Hello friends
I have a quick question about Piwik, I installed a Piwik server and I heard that I can setup monitoring from external servers
-forgive my english-
but i can’t get data from my external servers
I need a FQDN ??
the same page in my Piwik server works
I can get all the data
but from muy external servers i can’t see anything
Thanks in advance

It should work as long as the piwik server is accessible for users browsing your other servers?

Thanks for your reply Matt, you are very kind. :slight_smile:

My Piwik server has a private IP and my Web Serves has publics IPs, it should be a problem. I’m going to install my Piwik server in a public IP and if the problem arises again, I’ll let you know.

Thanks! Piwik Rocks!

Hi Matt

I installed my Piwik server in a AWS instance, to check the web pages with public IPs, but still don’t get data from them. My browser can reach in both ways: from the Piwik server to the Web Server and the Web Server to the Piwik Server. If I allocate the web page in my Piwik server get the data, but the same web page don’t send data to the Piwik Server (It’s the same Javascript code).

Can you help please ? I don’t want to install Piwik on every server :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need data (logs, config archives, etc, I can provide you, because it’s a test implementation)

Thanks Matt

What website is not tracked properly? i would look into the source and maybe suggest to “debug the tracking code” as explained in: Tracking HTTP API: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3