I need all the data :-)

Hi. I was wondering what is the best way to get a comprehensive set of data to use with Looker Studio? I’m coming from GA and have gotten used to having the whole catalog available via the connector. Right now, the closest I see to that is the ‘API Main Metrics’ report option, but it is missing a lot of dimensions that are available thru other 3rd party connectors, like Catchr. Am I missing something or are there plans to enhance this (hopefully very) soon?

Hi @seana-uky, Matomo report data can’t be queried using an arbitrary list of dimensions and metrics like Google Analytics can, so the connector can’t give you one list of every dimension and metric. Instead, you would need to add multiple data sources using the Matomo connector, one per report you need data from. If you need to combine them in some way, you could potentially blend them.

If the predefined reports aren’t enough for you, you can use the Custom Reports plugin (a premium feature) to combine arbitrary dimensions/metrics from within Matomo to create new reports. Then connect to those new reports in the Looker Studio connector.

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