I have only visitors from USA?

(Jan Kudra) #1


Since mid of aug 2018 i only have visitors of USA in my statistics with matomo.
Thats very strange, my website: www.plakatdigital.de is a german site for an little business in a small town.

I have also google analytics running… there the stats are completely different, although the most visitors are coming from the ukraine (around 1000) and around 500 from germany since the last half year.

Although the total number of all visitors are (in matomo and GA) nearly the same…
What is wrong?

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Is it always showing the same IP for every user in Matomo?

(Lukas Winkler) #3


Please check if you have Geoip2 set up correctly. (you can test it in the settings)

(Jan Kudra) #4

Hi together, thx for the fast answers… i need some time to understand. :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right its always the same ip.

I did system-check and it shows: Locationcheck is yellow. And i think GeoIP is not set up at all… i try to fix that.

regards jan

(Jan Kudra) #5


no i set up the GeoIP and the system-check is all green. Just one yellow point: because ‘max_allowed_packet’ is in mysql 16M and should be larger… i could not change that till now, but i dont think that this is very important.

Still just the USA-IPs (all the same): 94.130.***

Maybe it will change later…?

(Fabian Dellwing) #6

That means your Matomo server is behind a proxy. Please look at this FAQ: How do I configure Piwik when the server is installed behind a proxy? - Analytics Platform - Matomo