I don't see events tracked (MTM) in Matomo Events

While i publish the last version in live environnement, I don’t see the events triggered in atomo analytics ?
Is there some cache or something between tools ?
Why il debug bar ma container is still in draft version ?

Event1:mtm.ScrollReach( number of container - Draft version)
thanks for your support

Hi Mathieu,

This topic may help your case : Tag Manager container file caching

There is a caching of the container indeed. You will find tips to handle this caching in this thread.

Hope this helps

bet rgds


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Hi laurent thnak’s for answer.
But still not working.
I check everything I could.
The Id of website in environnement variable etc … nothing works. I missed something but what ?

Try maybe to disable first the MTM preview mode (thanks to the Preview / Debug button on the left menu), then activate it on a specific version (in the MTM container versions administration page) or on the current draft (ie all updates you did bu not published yet) thanks to the Preview / Debug button on the left menu.

Interesting I can’t see the debug bar on preview ran on a version which is not live.
(wokrs only on the live version)

My bad it works.
On an other version I have the title of the version.

Event 1: mtm.AllElementsClick (7cIXHwUn - tests pour clic)

But on the last one, which is in live environnement, I have Draft version …

Draft version means the preview reflects all the changes that would happen if you create a new version and run set it live…

Yes that’s clear for me now :slight_smile:
Now i have another problem on select element by ID … but it’s another question

Explain / illustrate your issue, we may help you…