I can't track other websites on other servers!

Hello there, can someone help me? I installed the latest version of Piwik on my sever, and it also has an ssl certificate enabled, currently am able to track and see the statistics reports of all the pages on my Piwik host website but I cannot track or get the statistics report for any other external domain or website. I added the new website in Piwik and when I tested the java script code on the same server, it worked and Piwik was able to track the details, but when I use this code on a different website or domain, Piwik does not get any report for it, I have searched the faqs page but couldn’t find a solution to my problem, somebody please help.

Hi there, Check that your JavaScript code contains the correct internet-URL of your piwik server.

Thank you sir, I have checked the url and it’s correct, but there is even a newer problem which I just recently noticed, the java script on the piwik host server website which actually is able to record visits has been making the website to end up in a redirect loop if a visitor was referred from another website or a search engine, upon landing on the home page, any other page he or she might try to visit will result in a redirect loop and the visit will not be recorded, but when it is a direct entry, everything works fine, could it be because am using ssl certificate?

Good day

I have the same problem,please help