I am the admin and I can not log in

I tried all of the suggestions in the “Your topic is similar to …” and still can’t get it. It seems that Piwik is point to an invalid database, not the production database. I can’t get in to Piwik to review or change the settings. I welcome any help, please. Thanks, Dianna

Please review the config file (config/config.ini.php) and confirm that you are connecting to the correct DB. Please also add some more information. e.g. when it stopped working, etc.

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Here is what happened in the very beginning:
Hello. When accessing our Piwik report page: http://www.krwebreport.com/index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=3&period=year&date=today#module=Live&action=getVisitorLog&idSite=3&period=year&date=today

I get this error message: The Piwik configuration file couldn't be found and you are trying to access a Piwik page.
» You can install Piwik nowhttp://www.krwebreport.com/index.php
If you installed Piwik before and have some tables in your DB, don't worry, you can reuse the same tables and keep your existing data!

When I clicked to install, I get this message:

Your Piwik configuration file appears to be misconfigured. You can either remove config/config.ini.php and resume installation, or correct the database connection settings

I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you!

Is that file present? You’ll need to FTP or SSH into your server to check that. (However you copied the Piwik files onto the server originally should work.)

Check your config file and confirm that it’s pointing to the valid DB. Did you already collect some data? If not, you can also install Piwik from scratch. Just remove the config file and make sure that during the installation you are pointing the installator to the right, empty DB.

Hi quba. I have years of data in the database. I don’t know what happened, or what changed, but it has been working well since 2013. Since I can’t simply reinstall, is there anything else I can do? Thank you for trying to help!

As mentioned before, check the config file and confirm, that it’s pointing to the right database. If that’s correct, check your database and confirm that all the tables are in place and they are not crashed.

I did a complete repair on the database, and the config file is pointing to the Production database. Maybe I should point it to the DEV database and see if I can at least get into Piwik?