I am having trouble in the installation process


Hello everyone, I have looked on the Internet for the answer to my question but I couldn’t find anything. So I just installed Piwik on my server. But, When I go to the URL, the images don’t show up and it says that an error has occured. I tried looking for what was causeing the problem but I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know how I can solve this? Thanks!


Anyone please help me? Or can you link me to a web page that can help me? Thanks


Maybe you can check your .htaccess or httpd.conf files to see if there are directives that blocks images.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

If you right click on image > View image -> do you see an error message?


Hi, thanks for helping me. It’s really bizzare because it brings me to another website. I have a blog connected to my hosting account. Then I added another URL for a wiki to the account. I installed piwik on the wiki, and when I click view image, it brings me to the blog. I’ll try to google to see what is causing this.