Hybrid Measurement - Is it possible?

Hello all !

I tried to deploy Hybrid Measurement but I can’t seem to make it work… I’ve been an Analytics Developper for several years so I’m quite familiar with how to set up analytics solutions.

The use case :

Having an exempted data collection with less qualitative information (i.e. without the user giving their consent) and changing it to a full fledged data collection when, and only when, the user’s consent is given.

Does it seem possible with Matomo ?

A lot of clients seem to be having that question as of so any feedback would make things really interesting !

All help would be greatly valued !

Thanks in advance,


Not sure I understand your need…
Do you want to track more or less kind of data depending on the (not?) given consent?

Hi guys,

If understand right, I believe that Clément is trying to reach a possibility similar to what can find in At Internet ; The Hybrid data collection ; this allow to collect two setw of data that the reports can combine :

  • A 1st set of Data from user who didn’t consent (light data - nothing personal - compliant with GDPR/CNIL exceptions for no-consent collection)
  • A 2nd set of Data from user who gave consent (extended data)

Is that correct Clément ?

If so, I didn’t try that with Matomo, so I can’t share much.
But I’m also very interested in the topic, as it is a comparaison hot spot for our clients when trying to figure out which solution to choose.

best rgds



You may use a visit custom dimension (for example called Consent Given whose values could be Yes or No).
Then in Matomo you can use segments to compare the behaviors of users who gave content vs the ones who didn’t…

Hello Laurent and Philippe,

Thanks for your feedback

@LaurentN, it’s right indeed ! It’s exactly what I’m trying to replicate. It’s doable with AT Internet and Piwik Pro, so I was wondering if that’s the case for Matomo (which will be a very valuable plus for choosing Matomo).

I’ll let you know if I find a solution. In the meantime, if anyone has a clue about the doability and the way to do it, that would be great to share :smiley: !

I tried to set it but didn’t find a way that was satisfying.

Best !