Human-readable Visitor ID


Piwik is registering visits in a meaningful way, that is an ever increasing number… so, visits ID are something like #55123, #55124, #55125 and so on.

Visitors ID on the other hand looks something like a99af2dc10d6fdfa. I believe it would be useful to have unique visitors tagged just like visits id, an ever increasing number. Is it possible, at least in the future? Or is there a way to “hack” the code to do that, a function, something?

It is way easier to remember visitor #234 than visitor f392f9a4c28986f8 :slight_smile: It is also much useful, eg in my script which triggers desktop notifications i really cant differentiate between visitors, their id`s are so long and complicated that they all look the same:)


You will be able to “force” the user id using this feature (not yet released, we will be working on it soon): Accurate User Detection cross devices: User ID (set in JS and all other clients) · Issue #3490 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub