Huge differences with Google Analytics Referrer Tracking


I compared my Google Analytics statistics with Piwik but i found huge differences at the referer statistics. I can understand the difference in Search / Campaigns because Piwik cannot read the gclid of Adwords but the numbers for “Direct” should not differ that much. The visits/pageviews are almost the same.

My numbers:

Piwik - Analytics

Visits: 26981 - 26722
PageViews: 235599 - 240661

Direct: 12293 - 6011
Websites: 1481 - 2451

Search/Campaigns/ …

Any ideas why there is this big differences? How can i fix it?

Kind regards and thanks for all your work


There shoulnd’t be such big difference. It would be nice if we could find out why there si such difference in your case.

Have you put the code on all your pages?

Also try this: you may disable DoNotTrack in Privacy settings.

The tracking code is implemented on all pages. Otherwise the number of visits would be different.

I’ve deactivated the DoNotTrack features but i think that so many users are using this option. Are there any other possible reason for this bug? Do you know if Google is using its Search data for Analytics?

Have you solved the problem? Looks like I have a similar one (even if with smaller differences): here it is my numbers:

On Piwik:
Visits 384
Websites 170
Direct 125
Search 89

On GA:
Visits 363
Websites (referrer + social) 136
Direct 120
Organic 107

What do tou think could be the problem?