Huge database growth


We have piwik installation for about 2.5 years.

Since we moved to piwik 2.3 (3 months ago), the monthly archive table size grow 30 times (from ~2 GB to ~60 GB) although the number of visit grow just by a bit: From 4.9 million visits, 19 million page views on june
To 5.4 million visits, 21 milion page views page views on september

Is this normal ?
Is 60GB archive table is something we should expect ?

some information about the farm

currently we have ~350 site , some very small with very low traffic and some much bigger

Adding new site to the farm is done every several weeks

some information about the traffic:
we have ~5 million visits last month with ~ 20 million page views
In 2011 7 millions visits, 24 million page views
In 2012 21 million visits, 87 million page views
In 2013 55 million visits, 214 million page views
In 2014(till now) 48 million visits, 182 million page views

We do not delete old report from database but do delete visitor logs after 90 days
current Database size ~200 GB ( sits on MySQL)


thanks for the message. maybe you can activate plugin DBStats and then paste here a screenshot of the page?

Thanks Matt for your quick response

attached are screen shots from the dbstats plugin


WOW we have a BIG data problem here!

try to upgrade to 2.7.0 and then, try delete these tables. Re-run archiving as indicated in: Log Analytics tool - Analytics Platform - Matomo

after a few days or weeks if you have again this issue, please let me know as it wouild mean there is a bug in >= 2.7.0 whch I’m not aware of yet. Thanks!

Note: if you’re reading this years later, check out the User Guide with all the information needed to manage the database size:

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