Https tracking

How do you track a https site?

from what i can read, i need to enable https on the site i am running piwik, i have done this, and used a self signed certificate, but for some reason i still dont get any hits from my https site. Is it because the cert cant be self signed?

look at Firefox > Firebug > Net panel and see the errro returned for the HTTPS tracking request?


Tnx for your reply.

If i look in firebug, i can see that i get a aborted with my piwik.js script. I can alse see it tryed to connect to my piwik site via https port 443.

how do i determine what the error is? and if its becaus i have a self signed cert?

possibly not sure, anything in your error log otherwise? but if it’s aborpted by browser, it might be a SSL misconfig… not sure ?

if i go to the https site i have my piwik on, i just get the standard ssl warning you get when its a self signed cert, but other than that, it works fine. no other errors to see.

I am also having this issue, whereby I cannot track a HTTPS site but I can track the same site via regular HTTP

My Piwik server has a self signed Cert.

I covered the FAQ General - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I also get the firebug error -

GET piwik.js Aborted

In Chrome there are no JS errors in the console.

Example site -

Anything else I can try?


It’s likely your self-signed certificate that is preventing it from connecting as it will get “This connection is not secure” message when your websites try to load them.

Are both websites running a Self-Signed certificate?

Piwik Server is self signed

Website to be tracked has a Trusted Cert.

Ya, I would still say it’s your self-signed cert causing the issue.

Ok I didn’t realise that the Piwik Server had to have a trusted Cert (thought self-signed was ok) nor did I see this in the docs/FAQ but I may be blind.