Https site is not tracking by piwik installed in http


Hi friends,

I am using Piwik to track some sites. Piwik is installed in http:// server.
Now I have added a website which is secured(https://), but the site is not being tracked. Any visitor log, custom variables are not recorded in Piwik for that secured website.

Can anyone tell me why?

(mvanlaar) #2

That’s becuase browser will not load http content in a https site automatic. You have to make sure that your piwik installation is also available under https


Thanks mvanlaar for your reply.

One more thing I want to be understand:
Do I have to add the same server certificate of https:// site(the site has to track) in Piwik installation?

(mvanlaar) #4

no. you have to create a certifcate for you piwik domain. (piwik installation) you need a ssl cert for this name
and not for (site your’e tracking)


Thank you very much mvanlaar.