HTTP Tracker - "ping=1" not creating new visitors

I’ve been transitioning to Matomo after Google Analytics dropped their UA system and rendered my old stream analytics system broken. After several attempts to get Matomo working with Icecast, I’ve developed a solution to show clients and listener duration by running a script every few minutes to generate an API URL.

Unfortunately, I’m left with an issue. Actions are being duplicated each time the script runs. So, here’s where I’m stuck:

  • When ping=1 is set in the URL, Matomo will update the same action, but no new visitors are counted.
  • When ping=1 is removed from the URL, Matomo will add new visitors but continuously add a new action each time the script runs (so I have a ton of consecutive folders).

What I’d like to do is count a new visitor but also count how long a visitor has been on a page without seeing all the consecutive folders (because it gets crowded quickly). Of course, I’m still a bit new to this, and seeing all the stacking actions may be normal behavior for Matomo, and I might not be aware of this.

My URL structure is below (omitting &s):

url=encoded stream URL
urlref=encoded stream URL
ua=user agent from script
cip=ip from script


After leaving the script running each minute, with report archival running each hour, I’m assuming this is normal behavior for Matomo.

I’m able to see a real-time listener count as well as a trend of visitors across multiple hours, which is what I’ve been looking for.

If anyone has any insight on this, I’d love to hear from you!