Http:// not counting visits/page views

I am testing a bit with a new matomo. Created a website in the admin

But when I am accessing this url in a different tab. I do not see visits increase in “Visits in Real-time”


You can temporarily enable

Then the matomo.php request will respond with a verbose log telling you why (or why not) the request was stored.

Maybe the issue is that you are missing an action_name

Ah, indeed, thanks very useful, this link is from the Image Tracking Link img tag. I guess it is this. However I do not get how a DoNotTrack browser setting has influence on counting visitors.

[2021-04-29 16:31:52] piwik.DEBUG: DoNotTrack header found! [] {“class”:“PrivacyManager”,“request_id”:“07414”}


Matomo by default respects the DoNotTrack header. If your browser sends a DNT: 1 header with its requests (which it does) Matomo doesn’t store any data from that request

Interesting, however I do not really know how DoNotTrack is defined. My initial thought would be that you can register page visits, as long you do not store/link them to identified visitors.