Http api need help


I am currently using the http api to track my react tool. I can do my post request to matomo with no issue everything seems to work fine I keep seeing each request in matomo live feed. The only issue I have is that my data isn’t saved. What I mean by saved ? Is that on my site, my entry page table is empty, and when I try to look in the events to see the event I push I don’t see them. I don’t understand what I am missing in my post request so that I can see all my data. I cannot use the javascript tracking client because it is already use in the same project for a other site and even if I add a new tracker my data it still push to the other site and I don’t want to.

Basically in my POST request I provid the following; (anything with a $ mean that is a variable)
idsite:‘80’ (good idsite)
My request is fine because i have a 200 return and also I see the action in the live feed.
Post request for an event params (same as the previous) :

Am I missing something in my POST requests ?

Thanks for your help


If you temporarily enable you will get a verbose log as a response to the API request that explains why data is (not) saved.

Thanks I will take a look into this. I don’t have access to the matomo config so i don’t know if it will work or not but I will try. I did notice that after few hours I got some data saved but not all of it. Like if the the matomo site was refreshing the all the views like each fews hours is it possible ?

The solution is that everything is fine with my request i only need to wait for the data data to be processed by matomo.

thanks for the awesome information.