HTTP API, Campaign Tracking and Asterisk



am investigating on how one may use Piwik for tracking the number of phone calls made to a specific number. Using Asterisk and PiwikTracker.php when an inbound call is received would like create an event using PiwikTracker::$URL. Initially I thought of just using the pk_campaign and pk_kwd POST variables but the problem with that is CURL does not support Javascript. Next considered using a goal and a pixel file which was kind of okay. So finally am using the API which works great. The questions I have though are can the API be used for Campaigns ? and when one makes the call will it only show as a single visit due to it always originating from the same IP address ie. the Asterisk PBX ? If goals are the better way to achieve this then great, and hopefully can use custom variables to track information about which state the originating call came from. This type of use certainly fits in with this Build a generic Analytics platform: allow to measure 'Mobile App', 'Intranet Website', 'Wearable', 'Sensor' and more · Issue #4734 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub :slight_smile:

All help appreciated. Thanks.