Howto Track scroll % of exit page

I’d like to track statistics on scroll % on the exit page.

I want to discover what in the page may be the cause for the user to close the session
It is slightly different from a heat map.

I also woud like to know how many users scroll down to 10%/20%/30%/ and so on.

Thanks a lot.

How do you track (MTM/JavaScript)?

Hi Philippe, there is brief tutorial here
how to track scroll with matomo

Then you track using MTM.

I suggest you create a Matomo Analytics tag of Tracking Type = Event, and set Event Value (or Event Name, or Event Action) to {{ScrollVerticalPercentage}}.
For the Trigger, use Type = Window Unload.

Now, I don’t know how to select only exit page (neither on MTM nor in the reports). For such kind of report data, you may create a feature request in Matomo GitHub:

Thanks Philippe, that was great help.
I succeeded in creating eventi.
Unfortunately it is catched but gives always 0 percentage

“Scroll - Scroll on window exit - Window Exit [0]”

Shoud I place exactly the string {{ScrollVerticalPercentage}} in value, or should I create many Event Tags setting percentages steps? (10, 20, 30,… 100)


Yes, this is what I suggest… How did you configure the event?