Howto fix the site selection menu

Hi all,

I finally ditched phpMyVisites and put the Piwik tracking code on all my web pages now.

After using it a few day, i emailed the devs using some email adress found on the website. First, to tell about “bugs” or problems with the UI and then to send some compliments.

About the problems. One of them was that the menu for selecting a site was really hard to clic. Had to retry a lot of times before the switch happen.

Now, i fixed this myself on my installation by adding a small CSS rule into the file “common.css” in the theme folder. Here the CSS rule i’ve added :

formDiv_ul_list li a {
   display: block;

With this, the clicking area extend to it’s maximum ; there’s no problem to clic it anymore (in both the site menu and the language menu).
By the way, i used Firebug to see what to change.

please create a ticket in trac = with description of the problem + your patch. emailing the team is not working very well for submitting patches. thanks!

In the past few days (and right now), i tried many times to got to that URL. But it doesn’t work (any browser i’ve tried).
Is it just me ?

Ok ! It work now; i’ll look into this…

I had the exact same problem (could not jump to a different site, both in Firefox and Internet Explorer), but your solution fixed it for me!

-edit- actually, it doesn’t seem to fix it…

Yes, strange behavior isn’t it ?
It seems to fix it when adding the rules (that were already in another file; my bad), then, the problem return, the next day or so.

Another solution is to use the Multi sites sumary. It’s a plugin that can be found in the dev zone. It show a list of all sites and it’s easy to open stats for any of them in a new tab.

I almost wishes that this sumary would be the starting page of a future Piwik version.