How to view unique visitors per custom variable value?

We group logged-in visitors by the email domain they use to register. So for example would be in the “” user group. I use a custom variable to track that “” value:

_paq.push(['setCustomVariable', 1, "Domain", '<?php echo $user_domain ?>', 'visit']);

This works exactly as I would want it, but I am missing a way to lookup the actual number of unique visitors per domain. This is the image from

And this is how it looks in my 2.14.3 installation:

As you can see there are some columns missing. What should I do to see how many people from my user group visited? Could this be related to the “visit” scope?

Searching for a reply to my issue with custom variables, I saw your question unanswered.

In case you didn’t find a solution yourself during this time: you just need to click on the second bottom on the bottom left: Display a table with Visitor engagement metrics

Thanks, but those engagement metrics do not include unique visitors. I’m having the same issue - can anyone help with this?