How to use Piwik to export Organic Searches from Google?


I would like to export from Piwik all the keywords used to access my website from Google. And only Organic ones, because I also use AdWords.

Then I’d like to import them to a table in my database and keep tracking of keywords evolution over time.

I am asking for this because I saw that what Piwik shows is a little poor interface for search engine keywords.

I need more info, like, keywords, search result position, access page, and anything that might be useful.

The Live Real Time visits widget is GREAT! But I can’t filter it to show only Google Organic results.

PS: A plugin for Piwik that does this would also be cool but I don’t know if it exists or how difficult would be to make it.



I can’t give you an answer on how to do that with Piwik, but I can tell you about the tool I have been working on, that is focused on search engines and keywords.

Basically works just like Piwik, you have to install a tracking script on your website and then you can view in a very simple way, just the traffic you get from search engines, everything else is kept out.

You can check the website here, it’s free for use on websites with less than 5,000 monthly organic visits.

Let me know your feedback.

And by the way, since we are here on Piwik, I’d like to say that I’m thankful for having used Piwik because it was a inspiration when building my own tool. You can see HappyAnalytics also has a Real time page, that was inspired from Piwik.