How to use both GTM and MTM

Is there someone who use GTM for installing different codes including matomo?
Do you use matomo tracking code (faq) or matomo tag manager code for intergrating GTM and matomo?
It`s a problem to istall matomo tag manager directly on my site. So i want to do it with GTM, but to create events in MTM. Is it possible?

Another question is, how it is possible to combine both using of GTM and MTM?


I think the best is to use only MTM or GTM, and both of them can be used to track events for Matomo, Google, Facebook or other Web Analytics system…

Thank you for answer, Philippe @heurteph-ei !
As i understood, Using GTM with matomo tracking code we will set tags and triggers also in GTM? Not in MTM? But I can analyze, vizualize statistics in Matomo interface automatically or I need some special plugins or programms to move data to matomo dashboards?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…
MTM and GTM are Tags Managers. (a tag is an event sent to your tracking server). Then choose one of them to put tags in your page.
In MTM, you can define any kind of tag you want:

I think in GTM it should be the same… And it the Matomo tag is not available, you can set a Custom Image tag that will generate an event in your Matomo server (see Tracking HTTP API).

Many thanks to you @heurteph-ei Filippe!
In my case we use GTM with matomo tag. So would i find all statistics in matomo analytics or I need some additional integration?

If you added all needed Matomo tags in your GTM, nothing else to do :wink:

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Thank you very much more and more times @heurteph-ei dear Philippe! have a nice day :sunflower:

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