How to upload zip third-party plug-ins

Upload a zip file to extend matomo.
Plugin upload is disabled in the configuration file. To enable this feature, please update your configuration or contact your administrator

Can anyone help me。。

Go to:
Administration>Diagnostic>Config file
[General] enable_plugin_upload
Are you sure it is set to 1?
If not, update the config/config.ini.php

Thank you for replying to me,
I’m in this file config / config ini. I searched in PHP and didn’t find enable_ plugin_ upload = 1

Where is this setting turned on. Is the number turned on 1 or 0?

Administration>Diagnostic>Config file
I found it. How to set it to 1

In config / config ini. PHP I can’t find it by searching upload

In the [General] category, add the missing parameter…

I’ll try. Thank you very much. I am a user from China

Thank you.