How to translate email invitation text (self-hosted matomo)?

Hi ! First post here !
I didn’t found instructions Googling.

We’d like to have invitation email localized into italian.
Is it possible?
Out site is displayed as italian because my browser is localized as italian.


The invite-related texts have not yet been translated by anyone into Italian, but you can do it here:

Once they are changed, they should be included in the release. If you need them more urgently, I can show you how you can replace the translation files

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I will try to translate using your “Hosted Weblate” tool.

Not urgente, we’ll wait.

I noticed that a lot of italian strings suggested are not discarded nor approved. I think August is a bad month even for this :slight_smile:

Side-Question: when a new version is released, how can I upgrade matomo?

As I don’t speak Italian, I can’t say if the suggestions make sense or not and the same is true for most other Matomo contributors.
But any person with a weblate account can approve a translation suggestion (the suggestion feature is mostly so that people can also contribute without an account).

Regarding updates: The built-in updater should work fine (and notify you of a new release). Otherwise you can find more information here: