How to track visit per minute if all websites idsite is set the same?

Hi there,

I hope to run queries to show how many visit per minute per website we are tracking. But I have some problems…

In our MySql DB,
In the piwikdb.piwik_site table, we have idsite=6, and one record in the main_url.
In the piwikdb.piwik_site_url, we have a list of different websites in the url, but all of them the idsite is 6.

The following queries should return the visit per minute for all websites which idsite is 6, but is it still possible to know for each website, how many visit per minute?

select idsite, month(visit_last_action_time) mo, day(visit_last_action_time) d, hour(visit_last_action_time) hr, minute(visit_last_action_time) m,count(*)
from piwikdb.piwik_log_visit
where year(visit_last_action_time)= 2016
and idsite=6
group by mo desc,d desc,hr desc,m desc;

Thank you very much in advance guys!