How to track product purchases with Matomo Tag Manager?

Hi all,
I am searching for a guide to implement products purchase tracking to an ecomerce website. I found some solutions for Matomo’s Javascript code, but I use the Matomo Tag Manager. I already successfully set up the basic ecoomerce tracking, following this forum entry But this only gives me information about the total purchase made within an order. Of course I want to know, which products were sold in detail in a purchase.

I already read this forum entry Product purchase tracking with Tag Manager, but didn’t understand fully, what to do now to implement all the neccessary steps. I understand the principle, but I am not able to derive a complete solution from that. What do I have to prepare in the Tag manager itself? What do I have to implement in a script on my webiste for tracking all the products sold within an individual purchase?

Could anyone please provide a complete and understandable advice - like the tutorial for the global purchase tracking mentioned above? That listed ALL neccessary steps and it worked instantly.

I am wondering about the fact, that such a standard functionality, which would be useful to many Matomo users, isn’t explained somewhere in an understandbale way.

Thanx in advance for any help!


Hi @interactivist ,
do you know this documentation?

You have to implement the described functions in Tag Manager manually.

Dear @utrautma,

thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay of my answer. Yes, I know this , but I can’t make sense of it. For me it seems to handle just tracking of a single product and the neccessary requirements (variables…) in the Tag Manager seem to be missing.

I noticed your fine website in the meantime and would like to contact you in german via that – OK? Maybe we could come to a solution that way.

THX Christian

Maybe @karthik can put some additional informations about the product information tracking with the matomo tag manager in the documentation:

Hi @TomCz

Totally agree with @interactivist.

Non technical people (marketers) need help.

We need a full and exhaustive guide to e-commerce tracking with Matomo including multiple products orders.

@karthik Many thanks in advance !


@interactivist, @TomCz

@ronan_hello did it !

Many thanks to him


I created a documentation feature request for this:

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