How to track Phonegap android mobile application


This is Arivu Selvam Phonegap mobile application developer.i want to integrate piwik into my mobile application. please give me advice.

Thanks in Advace.

Please have a look at this post: How to track Mobile apps usage (clicks, phones, errors, etc.) or track software analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

There is a SDK for iOs: GitHub - matomo-org/piwik-sdk-ios: Piwik iOS, tvOS and macOS SDK: a Piwik tracker written in Swift


I am doing some tests to check the integratation of Piwik in different platforms (HTML5+JQueryMobile,HTML5+PhoneGap,Native Android, Native iPhone).

I have sucesfully tested the HTML5, native Android and native iPhone. For Android I have develop some clases to store the tracking information at a local database if the mobile is offline, and to transmit it on next start. For iPhone I have used the existing plugin.

Do you know if there are efforts to generate an Android plugin?. I am not an expert Android developer but I could contribute. The

The integration JQuery Mobile is quite straighforward using JavaScript, but if you need some tutorial for the wiki I could also contribute.



there was a client added for ios recently: Mobile Analytics SDK: beta release of Piwik iOS SDK - Analytics Platform - Matomo
it would be very useful to have such a client for tracking Android app usage with Piwik!

Hello Everyone,

We have started working on the Android SDK for Piwik… and we need your help!
If you can help us with testing & reviewing the code, please write in this issue: Testing the Android SDK for Piwik · Issue #1 · matomo-org/piwik-sdk-android · GitHub