How to track how much time user spends in a flow?


We have an onboarding flow in our product that consists of steps:

  1. signup on page /signup
  2. create environment on page /create-application
  3. make initial configuration on page /application//configure
    We also have a metric “Onboarding time” that measures how long it takes our users to complete the process, preferably with breakdown per step.
    We would like to create a widget to show this metric over time with ability to breakdown by user.

What Matomo module would be the best for this purpose?

Hi @Iryna_Tyshko,

Users flow can help you track the flow, however it does not give you information about the time. Also as you have a specific set path, you could use Funnels however it does not give any information of time spent of each step. These reports are aggregated from the raw data. You may see average time spent in a page in “Behavior > Pages” report

Hi @karthik ,
Thank you for your reply.
Our funnels use not only pages but events. Also, pages on our website participate in more than 1 funnel. Therefore, single page visit statistics won’t work in our case.

Hi @Iryna_Tyshko ,

Funnels can be configured based on Events.

Thank you @karthik ,
Can I track time spent within a funnel based on events?

Hi @Iryna_Tyshko ,

I am sorry to say that it is not possible to measure the time spent in a particular step of a funnel.