How to track down a JS error?

Hey there,

I changed some stuff* at my website and now I’m getting these events:

How can I track the error down? :0 isn’t really helpful as a description, but maybe I just don’t know how to read it :sweat_smile:. Hoping someone here can shed some light.

* Stuff I changed:

  • Modified a JS file I use on my page
  • Switched from the general matomo tracking script to using the tag manager

I don’t know which of these changes yields the error.

My attempt to track this error event down

  • I tried to track the error down by opening the segmented visits log.
  • I opened the pages that yielded the error.
  • Unfortunately, my JS console won’t show me any errors

That is what led me to this forum, asking this question: How can I track the error down?

Any tips?

This started occurring just recently

The errors started to occur in the week I made the above mentioned changes.

Kind regards

PS: Already read but it didn’t help.