How to track Cloaked/ Hidden Affiliate Links?

I use the SureHits insurance affiliate and they provide a java script that I simply copy-paste onto my site to display their insurance company “results”/ links. However, they recently started “cloaking” what their java script displays so that the displayed links are not being detected by Piwik.

The only options I can think of to make Piwik track my affiliate clicks again is to either:

A ) Force Piwik to recognize any time a visitor is sent to ANY external site via my site. This would be good enough for me because I don’t have any other external links on my site. If anyone knows how to do this, please provide step by step instructions (I am not a programer, so providing all steps and exact code would be hugely appreciated :wink:

B ) Alter the java script they provided so that Piwik recognizes when their displayed results are clicked anyway. Below is the code they provided me (minus my account #). If anyone has an idea how to do this, PLEASE provide the full ALTERED code and I will paste it into my site to see if it works. THANKS FOR HELP ON THIS!!! (I want to be able to make sure my affiliate isn’t cheating me out of clicks I generate… of course)

No thoughts on this? Anyone???

It’s a bit complicated message…

Force Piwik to recognize any time a visitor is sent to ANY external site via my site.

That should be done already with “outlinks” tracking? see also: for more ways of making outlinks tracking work manually if for some reasons the automatic magic does not work

Thing is, the link is cloaked, so evidently according to Piwik, there is no action to be tracked.

Does anyone know if Piwik can be forced to acknowledge that a user has clicked a cloaked/ anonymous link even though there is no information about it? I’d be surprised if it can and I really don’t want to go through hours of trying to figure out how to set up manual tracking if it’s a dead end street.

Has anyone used manual tracking this way?

Try it on one link and see if it works?

Thanks for trying to help me Matt. According to the documentation, it looks like I might be able to manually trigger the Conversion.

After analyzing the source code of my affiliate results page, I noticed that all the “clickable affiliate items” seem to be enclosed in a

I’m hoping I’ll be able to track my affiliate clicks by instructing Piwik to manually create a conversion every time anything in this

is “clicked”.

Of course, I have no idea how to tell Piwik to do this:S The Manually Triggered Conversion Instructions only says this:

"To trigger a goal using the Piwik JavaScript Tracking, you can simply do:

piwikTracker.trackGoal(1); // logs a conversion for goal 1

Do you know where in my Tracking Code I’m supposed to paste this?

Is the // supposed to be replaced with some kind of instructions?

Do you have any ideas on how I can instruct it to trigger from any user interactions with


And if I want to try the standard method, how do I instruct it to manually trigger from any “out-link” that contains “”?

Can you help me move this forward Matt? The instructions seem a bit vague.