How to track clicks on external links using the Piwik HTTP API?

I have a Joomla site with a plugin that connects to my Piwik website using the HTTP tracking API.

Everything works as expected.

My question is how do I know when someone has clicked on a link that goes to an external website on my site?

I see there is an outlinks page but it has no data?

Does anyone know how to do this or at least point me in the right direction?



Perhaps Piwik doesn't track Downloads and Outlinks on my website. - Analytics Platform - Matomo will help you.


Thanks for the reply Peter. I was a little worried that no one really supports Piwik in these forums.

Since I use the Piwik Tracking HTTP API I load no javascript on my site from Piwik. The reason I did it this way is to make a slightly lower footprint for users and the ability to track all bots. Therefore I don’t think that type of javascript click tracking will work. Though I have not found and reference to it and these reports are available (why are they enabled if I can’t use them???)

I do want to track external links though and there seems to be very little information about how to do this. I have setup a goals along with monitoring outlinks in the report. Nothing ever is reported.

Someone please help.


it should “just work” - if it does not for you please create a bug report @ with a link to your website that should be tracking outlinks but isn’t