How to track clicked URL's?

I’m newbie in Matomo, and found it is great tool! I already made some segments for tracking of visits certain pages, also I learned how to track clicks on external links (via “Clicked URL”). But problem is that I can’t track clicks on inner links (that located at same domain).
Filter terms “Download URL”, “Clicked URL”, same as other terms with " … URL" does not show statistics for clicked inner URLs.

Of course I put encoded string (fully, and partially) as search parameter, changed dates and all other things. But no results.

How you track clicks on inner URLs ?
thanks in advance


Question: Are you sure you want to track clicks on same site URLs? They site will get logged anyway.

Anyway, here is the answer to your question: JavaScript Tracking Client: Integrate - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

If you do not want or are unable do modify your sourcecode, you can use jQuery to add this class to your links.

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Thanks Fabian, this solution will be helpful for me. However it is very strange that Matomo can track outgoing and download clicks, but ignores clicks on usual links to the same site (((

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Is your website maybe a single page application, where the internal links aren’t “real” links?

Then you need to setup tracking as explained here:

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No Lukas, my site is usual news portal. I want to track clicks on links with banners, which leads to articles on same site. I really do not want to use utm_source marks for internal links, but I see that this will be the simplest and correct way.

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You really don’t need any kind of special configuration or markup for that.

Can you maybe send me a link to your website?

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As I can’t PM section at this forum, I will put link here: https://…/

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I unfortunately can’t find anything wrong with your setup.

Just to make sure: Matomo doesn’t track all page visits on your site, but just a single page visit for every vistor? (Or in other words you don’t see anything useful on the “pages” report?)

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Lukas, now I can’t understand you, sorry )))
As I wrote at my first message, I need to track clicks on inner links. And I can’t find way how to filter reports to see number of clicks on certain link per day.
Other features works like a charm!


Isn’t that what the “pages” report does? If you want to, you can also create a segment to filter every report by that page.

Actually no. At “pages” report you may see total visits of certain page. But I need to know from which banner user came to this page!

I have two URLs (raw and SEO) that leads to one page:

  1. /index.php?newsid=123
  2. /2018/03/22/page-title.html

First URL is constant (canonical?) and doesn’t ever changes. Second URL depends from publication date, which can be changed (if some information was updated and republished again). When I visit constant URL, site makes 301 redirect to SEO URL, which is actual at present.

If I have banners to this article, I prefer to put constant URL in links, as I don’t need to update each banner if article will be renewed. Therefore I can distinguish visits to destination article which was maid from banner (via constant URL) from direct visits (from site menu via SEO URL). But because I can’t track 301 redirect (at referrer I see start page, but not constant URL), I want to track clicks on constant URL. Alternatively, tracking clicks on images, which located in special DIV sections, also will be nice. But I don’t know how to filter reports.

At present there two ways i see:

  1. As Fabian Dellwing proposed - to imitate inner links as download (or outer) links.
  2. Add utm_source param to links. This more efficient way, but needs sites code change.

Okay, if you want to track adbanner-like links the content tracking feature is probably the best solution:

Thanks! Seems that it is that I looked for.