How to solve compatiblity error?

(Andreas) #1

Good morning,

yesterday a association member who’s managing our finances bought the plugin SearchEngineKeywordPerformance. After I insert the license key I was able to download it. The installation with the zip file is going well. But the plugin isn’t working. The following error message is shown:

The following plugins are not compatible with Matomo 3.9.1 and could not be loaded: SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance
You can update or uninstall these plugins on the Manage Plugins page.

Matomo is up2date (v3.9.1) and the app shows me there are no updates available. SearchEngineKeywordPerformance shows the version number 3.3.1 in the plugin manager.

Could anyone help me please?

Andreas Kunze

Representative for Public Relations, Webmaster
German Mycological Society2019-04-29-Matomo-SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance-compatiblity-error

(Jason) #2

Hi there,

Did you use the license key in your Matomo or here: Download Purchased Plugins - Matomo Plugins Marketplace?


(Andreas) #3

Hi Jason,

I use the license key to download the plugin at the marketplace. After that I installed the zip file. What did I wrong?

Regards, Andreas

(Jason) #4

Hi there,

You need to add the license key in your Matomo. Please see our guide here: How do I install a Matomo premium feature?