How to show correct numbers for Bounce Rate and AVG Time on Page

Hi all,

so I already found out that the aggregation of data is not working correctly yet and the offered solution was to do a calculation. Of course this is easy if I just look at Pageviews and use the Sum function, but how do I do that with other calculations?

To give you more insights. I built a report which breaks down our URL, since our URL is set up in a way that it first shows the domain then the language code and afterwards the country. So of course it would be nice to look at data on a country level. This is something that does not work nicely in Matomo since this setup means that the hierarchical report sums up the numbers for our language versions but not for the countries. So it would be great to do that in Looker Studio. Like I said this works perfectly for Pageviews and Unique Pageviews since I just need to use the sum function to see the correct numbers. But I can obviously not do that for the Bounce rate. If I calculate the average the report will just take all the numbers add them up and divide that by the amount of numbers, but it ignores that some URLs might have had more visits. So what I would need is some kind of weighted average but since I don’t have the absolute numbers for that I don’t know how to show it. Since I am showing the numbers based on the Page URL I need a report that includes this but I couldn’t find one that also reports the Bounces and Visits to do the needed calculation. I also have the same problem with the avg. time on page.

Do you have any suggestions how I can solve this?