How to setup goals and conversion tracking with different currencies on WP Forms / Authorize .net

Hi Matomo forums, I am trying to setup conversion tracking of sales and goals on matomo but having no luck.

I have a Wordpress Multisite using WP Forms with the Authorize .net plugin to capture payments on the US site and CA site. I have setup separate goals that when a user completes a payment, there are redirected to a custom, unlisted success page on each site to trigger each goal but it does not work.

I can see that the data is being captured when I setup custom segments for each site (CA and US) but the goals are not being triggered when the user is redirected to the success page after making a payment. Please help me troubleshooting the goals not being triggered.

I also want to capture the transaction currency and amount in Matomo for conversion analytics but not sure how to do so. I know there’s some custom Javascript and element tracking you have to do but any guidance is appreciated.

Hi @odanesupportengineer
Sorry, I don’t understand:

What do you mean " unlisted success page " :question:

Hi @heurteph-ei,

Thanks for replying. This unlisted success page is just a successful payment confirmation page on the website that is not linked to anywhere at all (noindex, nofollow) to prevent the goal from being triggered inadvertently by bots or spam.

It’s only on a successful payment that the users are brought to this page to ensure that the data captured would be accurate.

Hi @odanesupportengineer
Can you share the screenshot of a visit in the visits log (with obfuscated parts for sensitive information) where you see the goal should have been triggered?

Hi @heurteph-ei

Here is the payment flow that’s not being captured. You can see the payment confirmation screen at the end.

Here is the corresponding goal setup to at least capture the payment success as a goal. This link is the custom unlisted page I was referring to before that’s not being called:

I need help setting up the conversions as well as getting the goals to register. I can’t upload more than one screenshot per post so I had to split them up.

Hi @odanesupportengineer
What if you remove the ending slash (/) from the goal conversion URL definition?
If this does not work, maybe try to escape the slash (/) with backslash (\): \/us\/secure-p…