How to setup adwords compaign tracking for piwik & google analytics?

Hi guys,

I am using both piwik and google analytics for tracking my website.

I am using adwords and would like the have the campaign name in both piwik and google analytics.

Google recons to use the “Destination URL auto-tagging” feature to enable the campaign tracking within google analytics. Google also does NOT recon to mix “auto-tagging” with “manual parameters”. (Tag your AdWords final URLs - Analytics Help)

It seems like piwik maps the utm_campaign parameter into its own format, BUT does that mean that it is compatible with “auto-tagging”?

How do I set up the tracking within Google Adwords (let’s say my compain is called “tennisballs”) so that tracking works both in Piwik and Analyitics?

Thank you very much for your help

Kind regards

Piwik does not work with auto tagging since only google knows that the auto tagging parameter means… there is no way for piwik to find out.

However you can easily tag all your URLs with campaigns tags. See: Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo and the URL builder:

Hi Matt,

thanks a lot for your quick reply! :slight_smile:

The link you sent me does not really tell me how to configure my adwords account and get the best out of both softwares…

So: Do you recon to leave the “auto-tagging” on for google adwords and to also use the “pk_campaig & pk_kwd” parameters - which should work well with google analytics?

So lets say I have a campaign called “tennisballs” and within adwords I would have “auto-tagging”=on and the following target-url:

Do you think that this will work with both piwik and google analytics?

Thanks for your help

Yes I think so, but please confirm if you have a problem or if it works!

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