How to set Web Cron

My web host is “E:\applicationsoftware\php\wwwroot” and the piwik is located in the “E:\applicationsoftware\php\wwwroot\piwik”.so when I fllowed the “Web Cron When Your Web Host Does Not Support Cron Tasks”, put the “”,
it occured errors like this:
This script archive.php must only be executed only in command line CLI mode.
In a shell, execute for example the following to trigger archiving on the local Piwik server available at ‘localhost/piwik’
$ /path/to/php /path/to/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php localhost/piwik

what it means, and how to set the web cron.
The ability of programming is low ,Please give me a detailed guidence, Thank you very much!!

This requires a latest RC version from: Index of /

please upgrade

Thank you!
I just fllowed the" windows cron archieve.php" to set auto archieve, and it works well in my test website. While as the same steps I set it in the offical website, It occurred wrong with the API. I dont know why.