How to set up tags for Facebook Pixel?

Setting up a tag to track events for Facebook campaigns seems easy enough, but none of the events come through to our Facebook Business Manager.

I found this old manual, and it shows options that no longer seem to exist. For instance, there’s no dropdown with event types anymore. Because I’m pretty sure somewhere I need to provide the event type, I picked a name from Facebook’s list. I also tried the human readable variants (I mean the names with spaces, like ‘Add to cart’ for AddToCart).

Does anyone know how to properly do this?

This is not an old manual, this is a competitor… :rofl:

For Matomo documentation, have a look at:

Ah that naming situationis so silly!

I read the Matomo docs though and AFAIK they don’t go into the specifics of FB Pixel tags 🤷

I was just searching for a solution for this problem and run into my old thread again! Has anyone successfully set up events with the FB Pixel tag? What could be the cause for the tag getting triggered, but the events getting ignored by Meta?

Check the HTTP request sent to Meta/Facebook. And compare it with their API. Is there any difference?