How to set the time/date properly


Hi Friends,
I tried to find the answer in the online users guides, but the links for each item go to, and I get “Address Not Found” from my browser, when I click on individual items.

Note that the first thing I checked was whether my server has the correct time, and it does, so apparently Matomo doesn’t get the time from the server.

I have 2 related problems…well, they seem related to me anyway. One is that whenever I change the date or date range for the Visits Over Time widget, even for a moment, when I switch it back (I normally keep it on Day, and it automatically switches to the next day, without me having to open the calendar and select a day) it will no longer automatically switch to the next day. For the next few days, and sometimes weeks, I have manually open it every day, and switch it to the next day. Eventually it goes back to remembering to switch on its own, but I don’t know what happens that causes it.

The other problem is that sometimes the current day is still grayed out and I can’t select it. I’ve checked in the Admin > Websites > Settings > Default Time Zones for website, and it’s set for the correct zone. But on the right side next to that, it says

UTC time is 2018-12-14 14:44:18

The date is correct, however, the current time is 7:44:18. And I can’t find where to set it correctly. I think that might clear up the problem where today’s date is grayed out in Visits Over Time widget.

Also, on Admin > Diagnostic > Config file > General, I found default day = yesterday. That looks like something that might help, to set it for today. But it’s not clear how to do that either.

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:


Any hints?

I switched the date range at least a month ago, just to look at longer range data. Then switched right back to Day, for Visits Over Time widget. Now, a month or more later, I still have to manually choose the day, to get the current data. I don’t know how to make it change to the current day on its own, like it was doing before.

Plus, I still have the same other questions, as asked in the op.

Thanks for any tips :slightly_smiling_face: