How to remove (delete) Piwik?

Please advise me how can I delete PIWIK from my hosting?
I didnt find this in FAQ and in installarion guide, sorry if I miss it…

As I understand I need to delete /piwik folder form my hosting, is it right?
And how to delete PIWIK data from SQL DB?
Is it OK if I delete all piwik tables with “piwik_” prefixes manually via phpMyAdmin? Or may be there is more safe way to delete it?
Is there something else referring PIWIK from my hosting?

Thanks in advance!

I´ve never done it but.

  1. Delete the piwik folder.
  2. DROP DATABASE should remove it from your MySQL installation.

mysql -u root -p

Then run the following commands:




I think that should do the job (if you added a cron job , you can remove it again)

Please also see the FAQ: How do I uninstall Piwik from server: How do I uninstall Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo