How to query for URL from DB for reporting?

I have thousands of courses within our Blackboard LMS, on which I’d like report. However, this cannot easily be done (AFAIK) w/o creating a segment per course within the GUI (could take all semester). I’d like to pull this directly from the DB, but cannot find the table location containing these hits. Once I find them I’d also like to report on visitors per course. Example:

here are the types of URLs which I’d like to pull from DB:

Everything AFTER the globally unique course number is irrelevant. Once I get the number of occurrences on the courses, I’ll look at the visitor ID’s to determine the number of student (visitor) visits per course. Thanks!


Hi there,

to get number of users visiting each course, could you use the Actions.getPageUrls API result?

Also note that if you need to create lots of segments you may do it with the API: Reporting API Reference: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

How to use this API for site that allow NO anonymous access? I’ve got to either use a token or authenticate the request somehow.

ok…read through the dev documents and see how to use the Token. However, in the Admin section of my site the token is truncated and the table isn’t expanding with the window to allow the full token to display. Suggestions?

NVM…found my token in the DB. I think we can close this thread

(The token is truncated for security reasons, but if you click on it it should be displayed)