How to provide IP addresses of visitors?

My goal is to provide my friend with IP info. I thought of a few ways to do this but am not sure how to implement, please help:

  1. Customize the automatic email report to have it show IP’s.


  1. Create him a user w/view-only access, disable or remove all dashboard tabs except for the Visitors tab (I don’t want him changing or seeing anything else).


  1. Embed the Live widget on a page, but somehow customize it to show IP’s.

I’ve played around with all 3, but obviously do not know how to customize the reports or restrict the user dashboard.

The visitor log shows IP address, if the user is admin or super user.

Otherwise, you can use the Live API to get the list of visitor details, which contains the IPs as well .

Thank you for the reply. I ended up creating a webpage and adding this to the code:

I had done this before, except I didn’t have “&token_auth=mytoken” in it and that made all the difference.