How to manually purge / delete archive_blob tables


We have many old and large piwik_archive_blob tables in the database

The command ./console core:purge-old-archive-data all does not seem to do anything

Can I deleted these tables on the MySQL CLI ?

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Hi @peterjones
How is configured, in :gear: > Privacy > Anonymize data > Delete old aggregated report data:

Hi, I am managing an instance that was created by someone else. (it is in version 4.16.0). I have deleted the old aggregated data set to 12 months, but it is not doing a thing. I have blobs from 2022 with more than 14GB in size. It is frustrating, and it is creating a problem for us, (for example we had to reduce the binlog time of MySQL to 5 days so we wouldn’t run out of storage).
I have tried to run core:purge-old-archive-data from the console and the database size didn’t change at all.
Is there any way to completely get rid of old archive_blob tables?
We only need the data from a certain time, is it ok to delete the data of archive_blob manually from the database?

Update: What would happen if I invalidate the data using core:invalidate-report-data first, then run the core:purge-old-archive-data command?

I found an FAQ post HERE, where it said you can drop those Tables.

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Hi @bagheriali2001
I am not sure, but if I am not wrong, the automatic data deletion occurs just once per month (at the beginning)…

I have found that the automatic configuration of deletion of old aggregated data does not work if the data is too large. There is an option to ‘purge now’ but this never finishes. For very large databases I think another option is needed.

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Hi @peterjones

Are you sure it does not work at all?
Maybe the process is very long…?
Is there any error in some log files?

I confirm that the automatic data deletion is very slow, but it keeps on working if you unlock the runtime limit for scripts on your server.

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