How to make auth cookie expire with session?

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First sorry for my poor english (thank you GTranslate)

I want the authentication cookie (piwik_auth) expire at the end of the session.

I found

But none of these configurations is OK :
login_cookie_expire = 0
login_cookie_expire = -1
login_cookie_expire = '0’
login_cookie_expire =
;login_cookie_expire = 0

It seems (see core/Cookie.php.__construct) that if “login_cookie_expire” is null or <= 0 or not numeric then this->expire is set to a default value (getDefaultExpire).

Am I right or is there a way to make the cookie no persistent ?
If it’s not possible, perhaps I have to change :
public function save()
with :
public function save($isSession=false)
and don’t pass this->expire if isSession is true


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set it to 0 and restart the browser, no?