How to limit the results of "Visit Log" under the Visitors tab?

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For low traffic websites, it is not a problem. But for very high traffic websites, when we click on Visit Log it takes very long time to display all the results.

So, I was thinking why not we put filter_limit=10 in the URL and display only 10 results with pagination? when I manually put filter_limit in the URL it works.

How I can add &filter_limit = 10 in URL when I click on Visit Log?

Please help me to fix this issue. Thank you so much in advance!

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@heurteph-ei , @Lukas
I am still waiting for your response on the above post please! Thanks a lot in advance!
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Hafiz Naser


I feel like I am misunderstanding the issue as you can select the number of entries per page on the bottom of the visit log:

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Thank you so much. Feeling dumb myself :slight_smile: I was looking for the same :slight_smile: