How to know the view of each plugin?

(JeanRey) #1

Hi all,

I edited the GenerateGraphHTML.php file in order to save automatically as image all plugins into my server; It works.
Endeed, I just have to right-click on one chart, selectionning “Save as image” and all are saved.
The problem is when one of them is not in the chart view but in the table view.
In that case, nothing works, nothing is saved…

My question is:
Do you know how can I choose to save only charts ? i need to know the view of each plugin, isn’t it ?

Thanking you in anticipation - jean

(JeanRey) #2

Please… it’s important for me.

(vipsoft) #3

When a widget is displaying the data in a table, the Flash object doesn’t exist. Hence, why you can’t save it as an image.

I don’t recall there being a method to determine a widget’s state. (Speaking of which, this would be needed in the future to persist more of the layout information.) You might start by looking at plugins/Dashboard/templates/Dashboard.js, and plugins/Widgetize/templates/widgetize.js.

(JeanRey) #4

OK… And how to know if the Flash object exists ?

(vipsoft) #5

Can you use the jquery method? .find(‘embed,object’)

(JeanRey) #6

Could you tell me more, please

(vipsoft) #7

Perhaps it would be better if you wait until is fixed. That should provide a method for you to use.

(vipsoft) #8

Not yet. We’ll try to fix it for Piwik 0.4.4. Not sure what the timeframe for release is though (given that we released 0.4.3 last night).

(JeanRey) #9

I hope so, my fingers are crossed.